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We are excited to offer RAW dog food for sale in Bulk format of 40lb bags. 

This is a complete blend in a fine grind suitable for all life stages (and, if you have some feline companions, it's great for them too!) Just don't forget to add Taurine to their meals.

Raw Dog Food

40lb bulk bags.... $85 

By the lb... $2.85/lb 

***Added savings on pre-paid pre-ordered days with 40lb bag orders only***

*Delivery meet up additional fee in Peterborough


Chicken 40%

 Beef (red meat, heart, green tripe, bone) 25%

 Offal (internal organs, liver and kidney)  10%

 Pickerel 20%

 Cooked Eggs 5%

The ingredients are sourced from federal and/or provincial inspected facilities. RAW food should be kept frozen until thawed and ready to use (thawed in fridge) and safe food handling practices utilized. 

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