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Fortis Puppies
Arrived Morning of May 31st 2023.
x2 Red Tri Males
x2 Red Tri Females

Fortis puppies, six week old photos are up, and as each week goes by, presents new insights when taking the puppies pictures ;)

This week, we had a few motor cycles going by doing some tricks such as wheelies (with 'spotters') for the odd vehicles on our road, and I think proved more of a distraction for me, then the puppies ;) Certainly can hear them coming from a distance, however the fortis puppies didn't seem bothered, and the odd time they did notice them go by, were more curious than anything. 

Puppies have been eating their RAW for a couple of while now, with top ups/comfort feeds from Tatsu, which is an amusing sight, as they hardly fit under her at this point! Puppies are in/around 9lbs and truly are a large group, both in weight and substance!!! 

Personalities are really starting to come along, with the odd shifts-Appollo seems to be staying on the calmer/quieter side overall, but does get a good wiggle/smile on when he has the mind too ;) 

The girls are living up to the feisty red head moniker -more silly & eager to play if not bold at times, likewise with Pheonix, who will take things in and then eagerly join in. 

The four fortis puppies all seem to be inclined towards to Aussie smile to one degree or another, as we can often see it lurking if not full blown come out when playing /interacting with the puppies. 

They truly are a fun crew of red heads!

 Please fill out our Fortis Questionnaire (both parts 1 & 2) should you be interested in a Fortis puppy, please remember to 'hit send' on each page otherwise only the page that you send will come through.

*Serious inquiries only please. We may have one or two puppies available from this litter to approved homes. Final placement decisions (as outlined) will be made AFTER our evaluations. 

We ask that you please review our website/FAQ and placement policies prior to filling out our questionnaire,

Thank you! 

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