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Fortis Puppies Arrived 
evening of October 28th 2022,  1 male, 4 females.
x1 BMM
x3 RMF
x1 BTF

Fortis puppies, six week old photos are up, and as each week goes by, presents new insights when taking the puppies pictures ;) As you can see we were lucky to have a nice day outside, for one/one time with each puppy and even better, had some "traffic' go by during photo's (by traffic, the odd car, farm vehicle -however, I'll gladly take it as it helps present some added sights/sounds for the puppies!) 

Back to photo day! Which I always enjoy, as each puppy tends to give a bit of a different twist of things (how they interact when it's just the two of us, no other litter mates, no adults hovering around, just 'us' and the environment) and fortunately we had nice weather and were also able to incorporate a little walk back towards the house as well as see my van (the ONLY time I'd like them to approach a vehicle, and no investigating underneath-called back before they attempted ;) 

I can't remember which one, or if it was a couple of them that when they realized they were next to the van, startled and then wiggled at it! I'm still laughing at it! 

Moretta, was squirming to be let down, however once I DID let her on the ground, that black tri girly did NOT let me out of her sight! Wise to my tricks, Moretta wasn't going to be swayed, and kept close watch! No need to call her over to me, she knew the game well and kept close tabs ;) 

Bina, not surprising, was being silly and checking things out-having fun and quickly checking everything out (there were toys out, which she *almost carried away) however too much to investigate, so kept going :) 

Bauta, somewhat like Moretta kept very close tabs, took him a minute to get his bearings and then he was checking everything out-once he knew where I was, he was off and investigating! 

Volto, happily checked everything out and, as I was about to bring her back in, made me so proud...went back so that she could potty prior to bringing her in (truly is the small things ;) however-as I don't think i've mentioned, we've started with our litter training couple weeks ago-so active potty outside..equals proud moments!!!

Harlequin, had a couple of grunts when first set down, called her and once she knew where I was all was 'good' to investigate-almost too good ;) some puppy was curious about dirt, and possibly digging (of course ;) 

 Please fill out our Fortis Questionnaire (both parts 1 & 2) should you be interested in a Fortis puppy, please remember to 'hit send' on each page otherwise only the page that you send will come through.

*Serious inquiries only please. We may have one or two puppies available from this litter to approved homes. Final placement decisions (as outlined) will be made AFTER our evaluations. 

We ask that you please review our website/FAQ and placement policies prior to filling out our questionnaire,

Thank you! 

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