Gallery II

Just a few pic's of the pups, or should say, a few more ;) Including some nice updates of both Bailey (Padme) & Meru (Chewy) as they are growing up :) As well as some baby pictures of the puppies too! Looks like might need to create another album soon! 

bailey head tilt
Bailey, (was Padme) practicing her head tilt ;)
Think this was his first day home if I remember correctly....
Seeker profile
Seeker after his bath age 6.5 months
seeker toshi chasing
The boys having a fun game of chase, Toshi in the front, Seeker not too far behind (at least during this round!)
seeker toshi share
Seeker and Toshi sharing a dehydrated chew, of which they made short work of ;)
Seeker after his bath, age 6.5 month
Seeker & Lauren
Seeker and niece Lauren first meeting :)
seeker toshi yess
seeker toshi funny
They *still* look like they are sharing some kind of a joke ;)
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