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Fortis Puppies
Arrived evening of October 28th 2022, 
1 male,
4 females.
x1 BMM
x3 RMF
x1 BTF

The Fortis Puppies are FIVE weeks old!!! They have had many *firsts over the past week...having moved from the whelping box to their larger pen (also known as our living room ;) To meeting the rest of the Fortis crew (under supervision) to as you can see from the newest set of photo's -an albeit quick, trip to the outside world :) 

While it is a drawback to puppies at this time of the year-we do our best, to expose them to as much as possible in order to get them prepared for when they go to their new homes. So, when the weather permits-we get them outside, even if it is for a short trip. 

I was happy with how each puppy handled it (windy, between rain) and I'm laughing, as *some puppy, who shall remain nameless, decided to go on a wee bit of an adventure (always at least one ;) While two smarty pants were heading back towards the house ;) Until they realized where I was, and each came running back to me :) 

In their new digs, they are finding the joy in, toys, and did I ;) All sounds, squeaks, crinkles and noise makers. And...are enjoying them!!! 

They have also been quite happy to have the adults, come up to check them out through the pen, wiggle at the adults, play bow & generally try to get them to play ;) 

Never a dull moment :) 

 Please fill out our Fortis Questionnaire (both parts 1 & 2) should you be interested in a Fortis puppy, please remember to 'hit send' on each page otherwise only the page that you send will come through.

*Serious inquiries only please. We may have one or two puppies available from this litter to approved homes. Final placement decisions (as outlined) will be made AFTER our evaluations. 

We ask that you please review our website/FAQ and placement policies prior to filling out our questionnaire,

Thank you! 

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