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Fortis Puppies
Arrived Morning of May 31st 2023.
x2 Red Tri Males
x2 Red Tri Females

The Fortis Puppies are FIVE weeks old!!! And as you can see from a few of the photo's they are starting to have a *wee bit of fun ;) 

This is what happens when you add warm weather, water, recently cut grass & puppies playing...yeah...they don't stay clean for long! Or, at all in this case!!!

However, they had fun playing and were nicely tuckered out-clean up is for after the sun goes down ;) 

They're weight gains have been pretty impressive and consistent  (well over 7lbs each! And we're very happy with how these Fortis puppies are coming along. 

Jason has (predictably) taken to wandering around with a random puppy, although, often picks up the same one (granted, it's more challenging with this litter-for those familiar about the teasing of Jason telling puppies apart especially early on ;) 

The puppies have also started to meet our adults, who've been rather curious about them, and the puppies are pretty un-phased by it all. Overall they're a pretty chill group, which of course can change and with some differences between them especially with our one/one time. Which I like to do in different area's on the property when playing with each puppy (I'm laughing over the silliness of a couple in particular ;) As they're really just coming into that fun stage and really had me laughing with their antics :)  

 Please fill out our Fortis Questionnaire (both parts 1 & 2) should you be interested in a Fortis puppy, please remember to 'hit send' on each page otherwise only the page that you send will come through.

*Serious inquiries only please. We may have one or two puppies available from this litter to approved homes. Final placement decisions (as outlined) will be made AFTER our evaluations. 

We ask that you please review our website/FAQ and placement policies prior to filling out our questionnaire,

Thank you! 

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