Gallery III

Some more pics of the Fortis pup's, this album is still being added to as more pics come in (and I find more from my old phone!) 

Addy and Amber
Agility Jumpers titled. Addy is a Jag x Teiko girl, owned and loved by Amber's parents, loved, trained, and run by Amber
Meru with his Novice Rally class certificate :)

Jag x Teiko
Tubby x Teiko
When she found her place on the bed ;)

Tubby x Teiko daughter
from corvette to model puppy ;)
The desire to sleep in this position runs strong ;)
Seeker Credit Valley BOB BPIG
Jag x Teiko, trying to get that pic with a puppy after a long day...we were happy to have finished his championship that weekend :)
Tubby x Teiko daughter, cute and sweet as can be!
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