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Fortis Puppies
Arrived Morning of May 31st 2023.
x2 Red Tri Males
x2 Red Tri Females

The Fortis puppies were photographed at a couple days shy of three weeks old-and are growing in leaps and bounds!!!

This was the first time that the Fortis puppies were exposed to the 'great outdoors' given how nice the weather has been, we felt would be a great opportunity for a quick 'jaunt' outside :) 

They're up on their paws (have been for some time now) eyes and ears open, drunken walking, and starting to play :) Some have started to smile (a trait inherited from their mother 100%) and personalities are starting to show up ...aka, it's starting to get a bit more fun around here ;) 

The puppies on the whole were more inclined to explore vs staying on the blanket ;) And a certain puppy (no names ;) was rather inclined to play follow the human from one side to the other...I'm curious to see how this crew will continue to develop (well...I always am!) however, perhaps a tad more so with these ones ;) 

They're certainly an impish group and we're really enjoying them!  


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