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Fortis Puppies
Arrived evening of October 28th 2022,  1 male, 4 females.
x1 BMM
x3 RMF
x1 BTF

Three week photo's of the Milo and Hoshi photo's are now up:) The theme of the litter, is "The Masquerade"...a theme, I plan on having some fun with (hopefully ;) But in the meantime, enjoying watching the puppies, interacting and handling them as we typically do :) 

 While it *shouldn't be a surprise, some puppies were more co-operative than others ;) This also included trying to race around, explore, or simply turn away, and continue napping during their individual photo's ;) 

I will admit, two had an *oops during their photo's (no happens ;) That's what I get for not giving them enough time prior to getting them up, prior to their photo time! 

The Fortis puppies have been gaining, in leaps and bounds! Playing...yes! I'm laughing as I type this, as Moretta, in particular has caught some air, as she let's out a bark (tried to catch with my cell this a.m, unfortunately, only got a blue of her toushi ;) 

Hoshi, continues to be excellent with the puppies, and while we've been surprised that there has *yet to be an escape, I think I figured out why the other day...Hoshi plays a gentle puppy version of whack a mole, more akin to "nudge a puppy" ...when their faces are over the whelping box, Hoshi gently nudges them back in...and if the puppies call out, depending on the type of call...Hoshi is right in there, giving them a once over :)  

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