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Aussies take a great deal of work and commitment in order to become a wonderful companion in today's society-are you ready for it? Just like the many different colour's and markings that they come in-they too have different personalities some are more layed back while others are more *up* for anything, however, all of which need to be engaged in order to not come up with jobs, you wished they hadn't! 

Should you be committed to raising a well rounded Aussie, put in the time, work and effort-the benefits are worth it! 

However, if the ideal dog is one that sits at your feet and is content just lazing about day after day-more likely then not this is not the breed for you! 

When we breed a litter here at Fortis it is with the goal of holding a puppy back for ourselves. Part of our job is to ensure that all of our puppies go into loving forever homes; however if at any point for the life of your Fortis puppy you are unable to provide that, we will take your puppy back. 

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Please take a moment to fill out our Fortis Questionnaire should you have interest in one of our litters/available dogs. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself  should you be interested in one of our upcoming litters or alternatively contact us with any questions.

This helps us to get a sense of of what type of puppy would be best suited for your lifestyle be it strictly companion, performance, show or all of the above!  Alternatively, you may also complete our Fortis questionnaire, please ensure to fill out both Part's 1 and 2.  

Please note that puppies are not sold based upon colour alone and that final decisions on homes are not made until AFTER evaluations are done typically around the 8 week mark. We appreciate your understanding and patience with our process.

Please contact us with any inquiries regarding upcoming litters. 

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