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Fortis Puppies
Arrived Morning of May 31st 2023
x2 Red Tri Males
x2 Red Tri Females

Tatsu puppies arrived morning of May 31st, and much akin to their breeding-their arrival was a tad of a surprise as well ;) 

Once we confirmed her pregnancy (upon suspicion) our vets had predicted whelping date at the following week (as well as two puppies-we did have a follow up x-ray to confirm) needless to say, I cancelled it later that day ;)  After the fourth puppy arrived :) 

Tatsu had, had an a-typical heat which resulted in this albeit unplanned timed however much loved litter!

We are 99% which one of our boys participated, however are going with 'trust but verify' and to that end, have ordered dna kits (same company we use for our ASCA registration) to confirm which sire. 

While our boys are related to each other, none are related to Tatsu (her closest relative, being her daughter) and health testing current on each. So for our first (and hopefully only!) 'oops', we are extremely fortunate on this -as well as the resulting puppies, who have been thriving! 

Once we are able to do the testing and have the results, we will be posting the pedigree. Puppies will be registered with the Canadian Kennel club & ASCA eligible, microchipped, are booked in with the vets/check up,  ophthalmologist, and final placement decisions made after evaluations (same as any other litter :) 

Without further ado, please welcome the 'Harlequin Romance Litter' 

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