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Fortis PuppiesArrived evening of October 28th 2022, 

1 male, 4 females. 

x1 BMM

x3 RMF

x1 BTF

The Fortis puppies have been a *tad busy ;) 

I certainly spoke too soon when I had said that there weren't any escapee's!!! Later that evening...we had our first pup 'er jail birds ;) No puppies were harmed in their adventures! We have extra layers of protection 'in case' of escapes-so no worries there!

However...we did remove the rails (as they clearly didn't need them-other then as an assist out of the whelping box!) Which enabled them more room to toddle around and play :) 

Which brings me to some milestones this week :) Fortis puppies, started more interactive playing (bows, 'running' and a fair amount of falling over ;) also...they've really started to wiggle their bums-we are suckers for it! Play bow, and wiggle of the bum...pounce! Too cute, doesn't matter what age, however...when they first start-brings CUTE to a whole new level!!! 

We have also started the Fortis puppies on their first RAW meals this week-which, they are loving! Mixed in with goats milk, pro biotics and topped off with Hoshi (who is still very much with them :) 

So, lots going on with the puppies-and never a dull moment! 

We do have an opening on this litter due to change in our waitlist-if you would like to be considered, please either fill out both 1 & 2 of our questionnaire or send an email with information regarding your household, dog experience (if unable to access questionnaire) 

Thank you, Jason & Melissa.

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