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 Fortis Puppies Arrived October 28, 2022
One Male, 4 Females
1x BMM
1x BTF
3x RMF

The Fortis puppies during week seven, and first snow! They certainly had some fun-I mean...puppies ;) We also got * lucky and had a few cars and trucks going by during their photo's so was fun to see their reactions while playing in the snow...

I'll add, this was in a different area on our property from where I've previously taken their photo's-with a little *jaunt back to the house...through my foot prints :) 

Bina as we affectionately call her-took her time to investigate, and then was playing, bowing, tugging on some foliage and generally just played her little heart out...When we came inside, and I handed her to Jason to get warmed up (both her & I ) she was fast asleep in his arms before she could be put back in the pen with the other puppies-one tired puppy!!!

Bauta (i'm laughing as I type this) took about two seconds to get his bearings, and was OFF! kept about a 5ft distance, however...lil' dude was off and checking everything out (including my boots-irresistible to the most stoic of puppies ;) and wanting to see absolutely EVERYTHING!!! He was having a blast! Really...they all did, but to see how each enjoys, and experience new things through their eyes...truly do love it! Especially when its clear just how much they ARE enjoying it so much! 

Harlequin Bum up, grunt, face in snow...need I say more!? Likely ;) Once the puppies *find me, they are typically all set to explore their surroundings, and Harlequin was no different..slightly unsure of the cold on her paws, then was over it, and full face in snow & loving it! 

Moretta...sweetheart Moretta!!! If one THINKS she let me out of her sight for a moment...think again! Moretta was waiting for me, and hot on my heels keeping up! This girl gives excellent eye contact, wants to be close and just happy to be with you! LOVES to cuddle and be close! Oy!!! She is quite the little thinker! 

Volto, akin to Bina & Harlequin, wanting to play *tug with the foliage after she was over her paws being chilled & knew where I was ;) 

Overall I am extremely pleased with these Milo x Hoshi puppies & looking forward to our evaluations, at which point will have a better idea of who will be best suited in which home.



 Please fill out our Fortis Questionnaire (both parts 1 & 2) should you be interested in a Fortis puppy, please remember to 'hit send' on each page otherwise only the page that you send will come through.

*Serious inquiries only please. We may have one or two puppies available from this litter to approved homes. Final placement decisions (as outlined) will be made AFTER our evaluations. This litter is best suited towards homes which have previous Australian Shepherd experience and/or dog experience.  

We ask that you please review our website/FAQ and placement policies prior to filling out our questionnaire,

Thank you! 

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