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Each week our Fortis puppies never cease to amaze, and amuse us! The puppies are growing in leaps and bounds for starters, coordination is significantly improved-and they are not afraid to show it!

Leia was found outside of the large whelping pen one morning curled up to Teiko (however we did have precautions in place in the event a pup or two should go over the wall ;) So no worries there! 

The puppies enjoyed their first time outside, and it was a GREAT hit (video on our fb fan page :) Hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate for many more outings! And they have even been enjoying some extra time with the rest of our crew here at Fortis who have been very curious to meet them-given the response the feeling has been mutual :) Please let us know if you have any questions, and for more up to date pics/stories follow us on our fb fan page 

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