Raw Meals 2

So here is another album of some samples of meals. I do go to a few different sources for their raw and strive for a fair amount of variety overall (sometimes a fair amount in any given meal especially depending upon what I have defrosted or what is going on with the individual. While the images only represent a small portion of what is fed, it does however give a fair idea of what they eat be it breakfast or dinner.

Veggie mix is my own blend and tends to change slightly from each batch that I make (and freeze) with typically similar base ingredients such as broccoli, zucchini, spinach and blueberries. Other items that I may add have included cranberry, mango, green beans, parsley , lemon and ginger...really just depends upon a few factors at the time that I go to make a batch up and what I'm looking to add to their diet overall. In the future I may make up a few different varieties to have on hand...I also find that by pureeing the veggies it is easier for the dogs to digest the mix and for some (one) pickier eaters-not leave anything behind ;) 

Mackerel close up
Fun with raw ;) This is a close up of today's breakie
Chicken Foot, Game Blend, Rabbit
A *bit* of variety in this meal ;)
Turkey neck lg lamb offal salmon green tripe veggie mix
Containers of Raw
This particular haul includes chicken, lamb & duck
Tower of Raw
Another view of the raw pick up from the other day, minus the addition of the chicken feet ;)
Chicken Foot, Trout, Rabbit, Lamb
The boys REALLY like the chicken feet-although there hasn't been much that they don't like ;)
Mackerel lamb offal tripe turkey veggie mix
The full result (minus the errant dog hair ;) Mackerel, Turkey with Organ, Boneless Turkey, Green Beef Tripe, Lamb with Offal & Tripe, Veggie Mix, Probiotics & Vitamins
Turkey neck sm lamb w offal green tripe
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