Raw Meals

Frequently I am asked what I feed my crew, so I thought, why not start to take pictures of 'what' it is that I feed them ;) Within this gallery you will find examples of meals that we feed our crew here at Fortis. Each picture has been labeled within the image to identify what the item is.

I have been very fortunate to be able to source a variety of proteins from a few different places and it is likely I enjoy as much (in a different manner) the variety I am able to offer them by doing much of the prep work myself.  I have also been very fortunate to be able to  connect with other individuals who have been feeding raw longer then I have and with their support and my continued research feel confident in the choices that I am making for my dogs overall  health and well being. 

I am more then happy to discuss raw feeding with you, or direct you towards some valuable resources and tools should this be of interest to you for getting started with your own research. 

As with anything *dog* everyone does things differently and you need to make your own decisions based upon what is right for you, and your dog(s), situation. What works for one, may not for another. 

This gallery is just a start of some of the meals fed here to the Fortis crew, new pictures will be added as time goes on  :) 

Kangaroo Green Beef Tripe Turkey w Organs Coconut Oil aa
Kangaroo Chunk, Ground Green Beef Tripe, and Ground Turkey with Bone and Organs, Coconut Oil
Rabbit, Turkey w organs, Green beef tripe, Veggie Mix
130 lbs
This is a quick pic of one night's of packing up raw...130 lbs worth ;) All packed up and getting ready for the freezer!
Game Blend, Lamb Neck Bone...
This was what Toshi & Seeker had for breakie the other morning...was a HUGE hit! To say that they enjoyed it would be an understatement ;)
Turkey w Organ, Boneless Turkey, Salmon, Lamb
Unless otherwise noted (in the case of boneless Turkey) most of the grounds have bone included in them. I may from time to time add a little extra boneless meat to round out a meal a bit better.
game blend lamb green tripe chicken coconut oil
Turkey w organ, Beef Testical, Green Beef Tripe, Coconut Oil
Depending on which bag I take out-they are called either one of two things (this particular bag was 'knee knockers') Yes, would appear my supplier has a sense of humor! Regardless, the crew VERY much enjoyed it-and was first to go when investigating dinner!
Lamb w Offal, Half Egg Shell w Egg divided, Turkey w organs, Veggie Mix, Proboiotcs
Lamb w Offal & Tripe, Half Egg Shell with egg divided, Turkey with Organs, Veggie Mix, Probiotics,
rabbit, turkey w organs, green beef tripe, veggie mix, half egg shell with egg divided
Rabbit is tends to be a hit around here (but really, not much isn't ;)
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