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Fortis Puppies
Arrived late April 24/2021,  4 males, 4 females. 
x2 BMM
x2 RMM
x2 BMF
x1 RMF
x1 BTF

Two week old photo's of the Koji x Tatsu puppies, and if I said that they were busy...would be an understatement! These puppies were ready and rearing to go (in spite of what it may look like in a few of the photo's ;) 

Eyes are still opening up, with Uno the first to open on Thursday (i'll admit, she did look like a pirate for about a dayish ;) Was hoping that today everyone would cooperate a bit and keep their peepers open for photo's however...puppies, no telling what they'll do when ;) 

To that end, they are getting up on their feet, starting to sit up, and ears are opening up. Have heard the starts of barking, and the slow movements of play starting, albeit ever so slowly ;) Have also seen a couple of them use the rails in the whelping box to scoot themselves around...what is amusing about this, is that Tatsu does this as well when outside/fence (think tigir ;) So, while not bouncing along, the scoot, shuffle urge apparently is strong in a couple (or could just be me imagining it!) 

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